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Development board
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Charts & Graphs
Versatile multi-platform design
Connector position
Keeping track of bugs and updates
Enabling deep analysis
Communication protocol auto-selection, with support for multiple baud rates.
All legislated OBD II protocols:
  • ISO 15765-4 (CAN 250/500 kbps, 11/29 bit)
  • ISO 14230-4 (Keyword Protocol 2000)
  • ISO 9141-2 (Asian, European, Chrysler)
  • SAE J1850 VPW (GM)
  • SAE J1850 PWM (Ford)
Non-legislated OBD protocols:
  • Single-Wire CAN (SW-CAN) – GM proprietary network
  • Medium-Speed CAN (MS-CAN) – Ford proprietary network
  • ISO 15765
  • ISO 11898 (raw CAN)
  • SAE J1939 OBD protocol used in heavy-duty vehicles
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