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Let the TinyO do the heavy lifting!
In order to build your project, you need tools.
Reliable tools that you fully understand and know how to leverage.
Concepts & Ideas
Concepts and ideas
Models & Prototypes
Models and prototypes
Building blocks
Building blocks
But instead of building your own toolbox from scratch, invest time and effort into project.
Having help to kickstart development is what can make or break it.
TinyO does just that: abstracts out nitty details so you can focus on the big picture.
Focus on experience, usability and build quality, leaving the rest to the platform.
Concepts & Ideas
Build apps
Models & Prototypes
Visualize data
Connect users
Test your prototype. Find the location of the OBD Connector.
It is within arms reach of a driver, usually near the steering wheel.
Charts & Graphs
OBD Connector looks like this
It is usually found in the cabin
Connector position
Most often near driver's seat
All that's left to do is show your creation to the world.
Let everyone enjoy and benefit from your idea.
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